Voting for Revenge

Why do you vote?

” No, no, no — don’t boo, vote.  Voting is the best revenge” shouted President Obama on Friday in Ohio inciting a crowd of supporters to be vengeful.  Vote for revenge, how classless and unpresidential.  Vote not for ideas and vision, but for retribution.  What else is to be expected from a President that seeks to divide citizens through class envy, gender, race and special favors rather than ideas and thoughtful discussion?  A Saul Alinsky, community strategy at a national level from one of Saul’s prize students. 

My question:  revenge for what sir?   

Revenge for the perpetual deficit spending averaging over $1 trillion per year forever with a $16 trillion debt that is immoral and will enslave our children and theirs; or the stagnant 8% unemployment and a paltry, one step ahead of a recession, economic growth with doubling of gasoline prices; or the historic welfare and disability payments; or the governmental takeover of 18% of our economy with a worse health care system through ObamaCare and significant taking of liberty; or the crony capitalism you’ve exercised through Dodd/Frank, the EPA for Cap and Trade, and your Greenie and Wall Street corporatist friends.  No, I’m quite sure that’s not the revenge you want voters to enact. 

Well then, maybe it’s revenge for you cowardly doing nothing as our Benghazi ambassador, and three other Americans were under a terrorist attack, and murdered while  you and your leadership team, watching in real-time, denied them help, leaving them to die;  or for secretly giving guns to Mexican drug lords to be used to kill American and Mexican citizens;  or for turning your back on Israeli, England, Poland, Czechoslovakia, and other allies, while bowing and apologizing to our enemies, and sir, you are no friend to Israeli, no matter how many times you repeat it.  And, no I do not appreciate that after the election you will have more “flexibility” with the latest dictator of Russia, Vladimir Putin.  

Nope, quite sure that’s not the right voter revenge you meant either.  I guess I will have to wait for clarification from the great communicator’s stable of “what he meant” minions to explain his wisdom of “revenge”. 

Publicly mocking and embarrassing your opponents and using terms such as “revenge,”  “punish your enemies,” “punch back twice as hard,” “get in their face” “bring a gun to a knife fight” are toss away lines used by Mr. Obama.   These are not the words and deeds of a man who wants to bring people together.  They are the words and deeds of a small, petty, divisive man, a community organizer or union party boss.  Not those of an honorable and dignified President of our United States or candidate for the office. 

By the way, political revenge usually refers to those in power, and that would be you sir, unless you forget.  And, you might want to remind you’re vice president.  Seems he’s not too proud to have served as your VP the past four years but is correctly aware that the middle class is being buried.  Might want to assign Joe to the Big Bird and binder strategy for the next couple of days. 

a ctserf

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